Application Process Page


  1. Paid teaching job placement
  2. Locating your home or apartment
  3. Representative in Mexico full-time, assigned to you prior to your arrival in Mexico
  4. Full-time contact number in USA
  5. Assistance with add-on teaching or tutoring job if appropriate
  6. Teaching, grammar and class management tips
  7. Local destination information
  8. Cost of Teachers ID Card ** (includes benefits and discounts for traveling teachers)
  9. Mexico E-Handbook packed full of valuable information to prepare you for your trip and life in Mexico.  Everything in one place for easy reference.

**cost not included in any discounted program offers


  1. Airline ticket to Mexico not included
  2. Work permit/visa if required (approximately $200.00 US Dollars) not included
  3. Rent, utilities or food is not included, though we do have limited placements which offer free rent in a teachers residence near the school.
  4. A program rep in more than one area of Mexico is NOT included.  (You are assigned your rep prior to leaving for Mexico).


  1. College course work OR a TEFL/TESOL/TESL certificate.
  2. College degree preferred; major/course of study not important.
  3. Native English speaker with excellent command of the English language, oral and written
  4. Some classroom or similar tutoring experience
  5. Must be organized and possess lesson planning skills
  6. Must be in good medical condition
  7. Must enjoy teaching both children and adults – Important
  8. Must enjoy living abroad and learning cultural differences
  9. Some knowledge of Spanish will be useful to your experience

We are seeking mature participants looking for the experience of teaching in Mexico.  This is not a vacation program but rather a formal employment program, therefore the focus is on teaching English in a position suited to your experience, rather than a particular location.  We ask you to choose a city size in which you would feel comfortable and we do our best to place you in such a location.  For instance, we would not assign you to Mexico City or Guadalajara if you requested a small city.  All of our placement locations are enjoyable and pleasant places to live and work.  Our destination reps based throughout Mexico will be the first to tell you how much they enjoy their towns and cities. 

Note: If you are a citizen of a country other than the USA or Canada and hold the appropriate credentials, we welcome your application but it is your responsibility to check entry requirements  for transiting the USA and/or entering Mexico.  Contact your local US and/or Mexcian embassy for up-to-date information on travel requirements. Your travel agent may not always have current information since Passport and Visa requirements are liable to change at short notice.


The regular program fee is $950.00 USD but at this time the special price is $599.00 USD.  A deposit of $300.00 USD is due at application time to be sent via Paypal system, and will be deducted from final invoice.  Please read the program terms and conditions before applying. If we can assist by invoicing you via Paypal please let us know.

Submit your application package listed below by email, or fax to the number listed.  Please note that without receipt of the $300.00 USD deposit, we cannot hold your application for more than 10 days.  In order to personalize your experience by giving you the individual attention you deserve we need to know that you are a serious applicant and are willing to make a commitment so please do not apply if you do not intend to follow through.  Your application package is necessary in order for us to assess your qualifications and credentials.  We cannot possibly know where we will place you until we can confirm that your experience will fit a specific school or job vacancy. 

TIP:  Make a checklist of everything you need in order to fulfill the application process and check each item off as you send it, so as to be sure that you have forwarded everything necessary.

REMINDER:    We are doing our part to save trees.  ALL materials are to be sent by email or fax.  Payment is received via Paypal account:  [email protected]

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED  to be send by email or fax numbers below.

  1. Resume (C.V.)
  2. Application below, to be filled out in detail, copied and pasted into email (prevents spam).
  3. Copy of your Degree (does not have to be the official copy)
  4. Copy of information page of Passport (necessary to obtain work permit if required by school)
  5. Two letters of reference discussing your skills as a teacher or tutor, and containing the author’s name and phone number.
  6. Letter of Introduction stating why you would be a good candidate for the teaching Program.
  7. A recent photo of any size, smiling.  A smile goes a long way in Mexico!
  8. The Program Agreement form, to be printed, faxed, or signed, scanned and sent by email.
  9. The Program Terms form, to be printed, faxed, or signed, scanned and sent by email.
  10. Application deposit fee of $300.00 USD paid by Paypal to be credited toward your Program fee.   If you are accepted but decide not to go the deposit is non-refundable.


  1. Once the complete package including deposit has been received, we evaluate your application and send a confirmation.
  2. Your materials will be immediately forwarded to destination reps in Mexico.
  3. We send you the materials in preparation for your stay in Mexico. We will also send you information on how to obtain your Teachers ID card, and other important information pertaining to your credentials.
  4. Please make sure your email account has plenty of storage space and will not put our messages in the spam file or trash.  Please ensure that you take the time to carefully read everything we send you.
  5. Placement information will come in due course, depending on your preferred travel dates. If you can travel for a last minute job, we will prepare you more quickly, however do remember it takes time to locate suitable job vacancies.   You will receive confirmation of your rep’s name, address, phone number and email  in order to communicate directly.  Your rep will either have interviews arranged or a job ready to begin.  Your rep will also have your apartment reserved or will show you available options to choose from.
  6. Once you book your airline ticket we ask that you provide both our office and your rep with detailed flight arrival information.  Arrival instructions will be provided to you prior to your departure from your home country.
  7. It is most important to check your emails often for progress updates or additional information.