Future Letter

Dear Future,

The contemporary world is represented with multiple crises ranging from diseases and rising tensions between nations to information security challenges and uncertainty. Technological advances have changed our lives, mainly causing too much dependence on tech-savvy systems. Gone are the days when we used to go out and engage in outdoor games, which would keep obesity in check. The modern child plays games powered by smart devices including tablets, computers, and television. People’s lifestyles are changing continually in the way that harms them. The Internet of Things concept has made every wish doable with well-designed technologies, leading to unemployment and fewer people involved in human activities. What is such a life about? What do we hold to humanity in the future? Hopefully, the rapid evolution of technology will create opportunities for humans to survive.

The cancer crisis has escalated leading to increasing rates of mortality around the globe. Researchers have not found a possible panacea for this disaster. Today, the cost of cancer care is higher than its diagnosis. The problem which affects humans around the world is likely to become notorious in the coming decades. It is my firm belief that before long, the scientists will unravel the cure for cancer and other stubborn diseases. Humans cannot continue suffering from non-curable illnesses. I hope for a future characterized by novel breakthroughs in the healthcare, which will ensure a disease-free world.

The world faces a critical problem of uncertainty. It has become virtually unpredictable of which country will fall casualty to global terrorism. Moreover, the tensions between the North and South have escalated leading to growing fears for the worst-case scenario. Nevertheless, the increasing significance of globalization, knowledge-driven economies, and connectedness, I strongly believe that the future holds viable remedies to the current troubles. The concept of borderless markets is likely to underpin positive international relations.

In a nutshell, the world faces a bright future as the Internet continues to revolutionize human lives in unique ways. I hope that future technology advancements will drive international integration even further, improve food security in developing nations, and resolve the cancer crisis.

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