Steps to Write Ecommerce Copy That Sells

## Introduction

Writing copy for your ecommerce site is one of the most important things you can do for your business. It’s the first thing your customers see when they land on your site, and it sets the tone for the rest of the experience.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through the steps to write ecommerce copy that sells. You’ll learn:

1. How to write a headline

2. What to write in the body of your copy

3. What not to write

4. The most common mistakes people make when writing ecommerce headlines

5. What you need to know about SEO

6. The best way to write an ecommerce product description

7. Why product descriptions aren’t as important as they used to be

8. Why you should write your own product descriptions

9. How you can write a great product title

10. The three types of product titles

11. What type of product title you should use for each product

12. The two most important questions to ask yourself when writing your product titles, and how to answer them

13. The four most important words you should never use in your product title, and why

14. The five most common product title mistakes you should avoid

15. The one product title mistake you’re probably making right now

16. How product titles are different from headlines, and what you should do instead

17. The difference between a product title and a tagline

18. What makes a good product title?

19. The seven most important keywords you should be using in your titles, descriptions, and tags

20. The six ways you can use keywords in your copy to get more traffic

21. The importance of keywords in ecommerce

22. How much you should spend on your keywords

23. Why keywords are so important

24. Why keyword research is so important for ecommerce sites

25. The different types of keywords, and when to use each

26. The 10 most important tools to use for keyword research

27. The first place you should start when doing keyword research for your site

28. How long you should wait before you write your first ecommerce ad

29. When you should run your first ad campaign

30. How many ads to run

31. How often to run your ads

32. What the best ad formats are

33. What your ads should look like

34. Why your ads need to be mobile-friendly

35. How important your ads are to your conversion rate

36. How ecommerce ads work

37. The differences between ecommerce and non-ecommerce ad formats

38. The pros and cons of each ad format

39. Why some ad formats work better for some products than others

40. When to use which ad format for which products

41. When not to use any ad formats at all

42. How your ad copy should look

43. How not to copy other ecommerce websites

44. Why copywriting is hard

45. How copywriting works

46. What copywriting looks like in practice

47. Copywriting in action

48. What it takes to be a great copywriter

49. The copywriting process

50. How a good copywriter thinks

51. How good copywriters think

52. Why good copywriting makes a difference

53. Why bad copywriting kills conversions

54. How bad copywriters kill conversions, and which copywriting mistakes they make

55. The biggest copywriting mistake I see people make all the time

56. Why this mistake is so common

57. The solution to this problem

58. How great copywriters solve problems

59. Why most copywriters fail

60. The secret to great copywriting

61. How the best copywriters make their copy stand out from the crowd

62. Why great copy is so hard to come by

63. Why every copywriter should be an SEO expert

64. Why SEO copywriting can be so difficult

65. How SEO copywriters can make a big difference for their clients

66. What an SEO copywriter needs to know

67. Why ecommerce SEO is so different from SEO in other industries

68. What kind of copywriting you need for your SEO strategy

69. What I look for when hiring a copywriter for an SEO project

70. The types of SEO copy you need

71. The type of copy that works best for SEO projects

72. The problem with most SEO copy, and the solution to it

73. What SEO copy looks like on the web

74. Why the web is the best place to test your SEO copy before rolling it out to your website

75. The problems with SEO copy on the internet

76. The solutions to these problems, and a few more

77. What a good SEO copy writer does

78. Why a great SEO writer is worth their weight in gold

79. How an SEO writer can make your life easier

80. What every SEO writer should be able to do

81. The kinds of SEO writing you can expect

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