Teach English in Mexico

Guaranteed Job & Housing Program in Mexico


Our Teach in Mexico Program may be for you!

  • Teachers looking for something different
  • College graduates seeking work experience abroad
  • Qualified, flexible, experienced retirees seeking adventure in a culturally rich country. 
  • The people,  beaches, cathedrals, and pyramids will amaze as you teach, explore and create memories to last a lifetime!  
  •  ¡Vamos!  Live your dreams and make a difference!


Dear Teacher,

Our reasonable fee to locate a paid teaching job and home in Mexico is a bargain since it also includes a full-time, local, 24 hour representative in Mexico to assist with a job and accommodation.  It’s the worry-free way to make it all happen in a less expensive manner than if you attempt it on your own.  You will be assisted by our attentive staff, and one of our reps in Mexico, from the time you apply to our Placement Program. 

 If you travel to Mexico on your own, not only could you encounter unexpected surprises, but you would spend far more money while living in temporary accommodation while searching for a job.  Then there is the wait for your first paycheck to arrive, where the likelihood of unforeseen interim expense increases.  Many landlords expect you to have a local guarantor and ask for 2 months rent plus deposit, in advance of moving in.  Avoid costly hurdles with our guaranteed placement program and advice from your trusted Mexico teacher rep.

Our reps live here, are experienced teaching English in Mexico, have valuable local knowledge and great connections to employment opportunities.  They want you to enjoy your experience in Mexico as much as they do, and will help make your dreams of living and teaching in an exciting new culture come true.   The peace of mind is worth it.

Best Wishes,

Placement Program Staff


Teach English in Mexico Tips for Success

  • Research Mexican culture and history.
  • Learn Spanish vocabulary.
  • Respect the differences between cultures
  • Have an open mind and be flexible for change
  • Be ready for adventure and embrace it.

“I have taught ESL in several countries (Thailand, Taiwan, China, Germany, Holland, Mexico, US) and I have to say that the Mexican students were by far the best students I have ever had. They were bright, fun, interesting, friendly, respectful, spontaneous, appreciative, creative, curious, witty, and down right charming! I don’t think it was just that I was lucky and got good students, I think it is the Mexican way. People I met outside of school and in different parts of the country were also all so nice that I can only conclude that it is the Mexican character. If you want to feel good about teaching and good about people in general, than I recommend Mexico.”
 Dan Ward, Amherst, USA 

“I teach English in Mexico, and feel much safer than I did in my home city in the USA.  I ride the buses in and out of the city here. Please tell your readers it is safe for teachers in Mexico.”   Sami, GDL

Teaching abroad is one of the most accessible and popular options for paid or inexpensive long-term stays overseas.” 
University of Michigan International Center

 “These people know Mexico!”
Roger Gallo, Author of Escape from America  

“He who does not venture has no luck”   Mexican Proverb

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We encourage teachers to join MEXTESOL, dedicated to promoting professional development of English teachers in Mexico.